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  • Attorney Information

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  • Client Program Registration

  • You have been referred to a Reality Check Weekend, Day or Web Program , or a Service.
    Call Bright Outcomes LLC at (231) 938-2999to be scheduled. Bright Outcomes reserves the right to alter program scheduling as is necessary.    
    Cost of Programs
    Reality Check Weekend  $            325.00
    Reality  Check Day  $            185.00
    Reality Check Web Weekend  $            300.00
    Reality Check Web Day  $            165.00
    Cost of Services:  
    Substance Abuse Assessment  $            80.00
    Individual Substance Abuse Therapy  $              90.00
    Group Substance Abuse Therapy (Minimum 3 in group)  $              35.00
    Registraton and payment in full 14 days prior to class.  Payments Accepted:  Certified Check, Money Order, Credit Card
    This is to certify that I am participating voluntarily in a Reality Check Program or Services.
    I understand the court will be informed of my completion of the program.
  • Date : 02/22/2018