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Self-Defeating Behavior Program

Reality Check Weekend, Day and Web Programs for Self-Defeating Behaviors uses “The Thinking Matters Program”, developed by Abe French, which is the condensed version of “Thinking for a Change”,the cognitive program developed by The National Institute of Corrections for prison populations.
“Thinking matters” produced a simplified highly effective program which helps participants to identify thinking errors, and become more aware of poor decision making. Participants use guiding worksheets, group discussion, role playing and didactics to confront their self-defeating thinking patterns and the related consequences.
Reality Check Weekend, Day and Web Counselors are Certified Instructors of the “Thinking Matters” program.

Topical Areas

Being Objective
Exploring Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs and Attitudes
Looking for Meaning
Looking for Thinking Patterns
Finding Risk and Replacing Thoughts
Thinking Errors
Decision Tree

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