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Bright Outcomes Relapse Prevention Program

          Reality Check Intensive-Relapse Prevention is designed for both first time offenders and repeat offenders. Relapse in substance abuse is considered an expected pattern in the recovery process.

While relapse is real, it does not have to become a recurring pattern. Many clients simple fail to make a good relapse prevention plan, or to follow it. These clients typically think that they are cured after a short abstinence period, or they think “one time won’t hurt”. Or, they rationalize that they have that use or abuse will help with their stress, or that it’s ok for a celebration. Relapse does not just happen. Relapse typically involves a progression process. Clients are commonly unaware that progression toward relapse is occurring, and don’t notice the warning signs. The progression toward relapse is both automatic and unconscious, and thus the warning signs are often not noticed.

Reality Check Weekend Intensive-Relapse Prevention uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy along with Terry Gorski’ CENAPS Process and Hazelton’s Relapse Prevention models to explore each participant’s triggers, denial mechanisms, and each developmental stage in the relapse process unique to the individual.

The client will be required to participate in using guiding worksheets, small group interaction, role playing, larger group discussion, didactics, journaling, and preparation of a change plan.

During the intensive weekend, the client will face real issues, including uncomfortable issues, and gain self-awareness about an array of their personal self-defeating behaviors, for example: denial, minimization, or rationalization, victimization, etc.

In the process, the client will identify and face their particular cycle and pattern of relapse, and be served to gain a concrete understanding of their personal patterns. Effective counter strategies will be identified, and compiled into a Relapse Prevention Plan which the client will be expected to implement upon completion of the program.


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