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Bright Outcomes LLC Reality Check Web Programs and Services
Bright Outcomes LLC uses a state of the art teleseminar platform. The platform allows clear HD Visual Real Time interaction between clients and counselors in a HIPPA secured environment.

Live Interactive webinars are hosted in a HIPAA secured interactive classroom environment.

Equipment requirements clients must have to participate in the live interactive video Web program include:
• A mic
• A webcam
• Speakers or headset or device for audio capability
• DSL or Cable internet connection capability

Reality Check Web classes are offered in VOIP mode, however clients can use a phone to call in if necessary. The live interactive webinar is a virtual classroom, which allows all participants to see and speak with one another and the counselors, and to view all the presentation materials, handbooks, videos, PowerPoints, and whiteboards in high definition. Counselors are able to visually monitor all participants.

The platform allows Reality Check counselors to deliver outpatient counseling for individual and group programs and services. Use of the web platform also allows the delivery of sobriety coaching, as well as pre-recorded instructional videos.

We are excited about this new and growing platform in the education and health services industry! This platform works well for delivery of education, counseling and therapy to populations, such as:

• Transportation challenged clients
• Health challenged clients
• Isolated rural clients

Bright Outcomes LLC’s Reality Check Web Programs Available:
• DUI and Substance Abuse Program
• Relapse Prevention Program
• Self-Defeating Behavior Program

Bright Outcomes LLC’s Services Available via the Web Format:
• Out-Patient Individual Substance Abuse Assessment
• Out-Patient Individual Substance Abuse Therapy
• Out-Patient Group Substance Abuse Therapy
• Hypnotherapy Sessions*
• Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)*

Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Focus Issues: Weight Loss; Quit smoking; Trauma and emotional issues; PTSD; Stress; substance abuse,

Customized Reality Check Web Programs are available in
• Web Weekend Intensive format
• Web Day Intensive formats

Reality Check Web Services are available in group and individual session formats.

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