Program Formats

               Reality Check Day Intensive Programs

Reality Check Day Programs cover the essential materials and subject matters covered in Reality Check Weekend and Reality Check Web formats, without the in-depth address of each topic.

Reality Check Day Programs are ideal for first offenders who don’t have an extensive substance abuse assessment or extensive criminal behavior history, and also ideal as a refresher program for clients with extensive substance abuse assessment or extensive criminal behavior who have already participated in a program.

The programs are designed to catalyze essential insights into problem behaviors. For more extensive address to issues, please see our Reality Check Weekend Intensive and Reality Check Web Programs.

Just as the name implies, Reality Check Day Intensive is an intensive 11 hour day of immersion in a program which confronts participants with sobering insight into the short and long term consequences of irresponsible choices in relation to self, alcohol and drugs, driving, family, personal growth, community, employment, education and the criminal justice system.

Reality Check Day Intensive Programs deliver a highly positive, life affirming and life-awareness experience for most participants.

Reality Check Day Intensive Process

At the beginning of the program, a group intake will be done with a Reality Check Day Intensive Counselor. During the Reality Check Day Intensive Program, the client will participate in small and large group, individual interaction, role playing, didactics, journaling, multi-media presentations, using guiding worksheets, and preparation of a change plan.

The client keeps a journal during the day, and records insights and what they have learned during the entire program. Active client participation is encouraged and monitored.

At the conclusion of the program, each participant meets one-on-one with a Reality Check Day Intensive Counselor for an exit interview. In this interview, all reporting documents are signed, and the participant submits a self-evaluation, and a program evaluation.

Additionally, the Reality Check Day participant will be required to submit a journal of their understanding, and a summary of their insights, which will be forwarded to their referring count. If the participant has met the requirements of the Reality Check Day Intensive program, only then will the participant receive a certificate of completion.

Reality Check Day Intensive Program Schedule (Either Saturday or Sunday)

Morning Session          8:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. *
Lunch Break               12:00 p.m. to   1:00 p.m.
Afternoon Session       1:00 p.m. to   5:00 p.m.*
Dinner Break               5:00 p.m. to   6:00 p.m.
Evening Session          6:00 p.m. to   9:00 p.m.*
*Short interim breaks are included.

Monday morning the referring court, as applicable, will receive all required documentation including confirmation of completion, summary of recommendations, client’s journal, and client’s evaluation of the weekend.

Bright Outcomes’ staff takes pride in a rapid turnaround of required documentation verifying client completion and providing recommendations to the referring court.

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Currently Reality Check Day Intensive Programs Offered Include:

Reality Check Weekend Intensive – DUI and Substance Abuse
Reality Check Weekend Intensive – Relapse Prevention
Reality Check Weekend Intensive – Self-Defeating Behaviors

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