Bright Outcomes LLC

is an independent developer and provider of curricula, programs, and services designed to deliver counseling and educational programs to specific populations in need, including DUI and OWI, substance abuse populations and populations with self-defeating behaviors.


Bright Outcomes Team

Our Team has over 25 years of experience providing counseling and therapy services for court and prison populations. The Team is certified as a National Drug Court Trainer, and is trained and CAC Licensed in substance abuse, NLP, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, communications, and mediation. Bright Outcomes’ Team holds a State of Michigan Outpatient Substance Abuse Therapy License. More than fifty Michigan district courts have used programs developed by our staff.


  • Comprehensive Programs
  • High Impact Programs
  • Highly Trained Counselors
  • Credentialed Counselors Weekend Intensive Format
  • Day Intensive Program Format
  • Web (HIPPA Secured Format)

Bright Outcomes Vision

iStock_000005982291XSmallOur vision is to deliver high quality counseling and educational programs that effect positive, lasting change, enhanced human growth, awareness and well-being in human lives for populations suffering self- defeating behaviors.

Bright Outcomes Mission

keyOur mission is to provide highly effective, comprehensive programs for courts and agencies serving DUI, Substance Abuse, Veterans, and Relapse Prevention populations which assist these clients in overcoming self-defeating behaviors, and offering courts effective sentencing alternatives for reintegration of offenders into the community.

Bright Outcomes is ready to custom design a program to serve your unique client needs!

Bright Outcomes Philosophy

iStock_000006008230XSmallBright Outcomes LLC believes that all people are highly intelligent human beings capable of creating a highly effective life given the correct motivation, information, and effective strategies.